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Introducing the BRP Can-Am Commander XT_2021 1000_0005 – the ultimate buggy SXS for your off-road adventures.

Get ready to conquer any terrain with this powerful and versatile vehicle. With its automatic transmission and supplied helmets, safety and convenience are guaranteed. Enjoy on-trail refreshments and hassle-free transfers while exploring the great outdoors. Join Terra Marine and experience the thrill of the ride. Ride and Ski, Land and Sea. Here are a few things to consider during your adventure.

All drivers must hold valid driver’s licence

All buggy drivers at Terra-Marine must possess a valid driver’s licence. It is a mandatory requirement for all drivers.

All buggies have Automatic Transmission

All buggies available at Terra Marine proudly feature Automatic Transmission, ensuring a seamless driving experience for all. 

Helmets supplied

Helmets supplied by Terra Marine: Find peace of mind knowing that we prioritize your protection throughout your marine adventures. 

“On trail” refreshments included

Our thoughtfully curated selection of on-trail refreshments ensures that you stay energized and satisfied during your adventure.

Transfers “to and from track” included

Our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience means that we’ve included these transfers to make your journey as convenient and hassle-free as possible. 

T’s & C’s apply

Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) apply to all users of our services. By accessing and using our service, you agree to abide by these T’s & C’s.

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